Make maps from data you collect in Google Forms

While many CartoDB users arrive to the service with data on hand others look to use CartoDB to host and map data from ongoing collection. For those users, we offer a number of useful client libraries and tutorials for using our APIs. For businesses, scientists, and students that still want a little easier way to collect data, we thought we would put together this tutorial covering how to collect data with Google Forms and have it inserted directly into a CartoDB table.

In our example, we create a simple form to collect people’s favorite color and their location in the world. Using Google Forms plus a small Google App Script, we then insert those results into our CartoDB table where we have a live map that shows the latest and greatest results to the world. Be sure to fill the form out yourself and see your vote show up on the map!

We have included all the code plus the screencast for you to create your own forms for data collection. It only takes about 5 minutes! Have fun and remember to share the cool things you come up with!

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